Photographs : Rajesh Bedi
Text : Dr. Pushpesh Pant and
Asharani Mathur
Format : 245 x 270 mm
Pages : 112
Illustrations : 100 colour
Binding : Hard Case with Jacket
ISBN : 81-7107-027-2
Rights available : All except French
Co-publishers : Editions Olizane

The enchanting Himalayan land of Sikkim has often been called “the last Shangri-la”. Its abundance of rivers and lakes and its moist air give it a lush, strangely tropical look and make it the habitat of varied fauna and exotic flowers. Its gentle people are predominantly Buddhist; and its famed monasteries are the repositories of not only art treasures but centuries of belief.

Rajesh Bedi’s photographs capture the essence of Sikkim — the faces, the monks, the Buddhist images, the mysterious rituals of the masked dances, the flowers of the lush countryside, and above all the towering and majestic peaks of Kanchenzonga.

The text, by Pushpesh Pant and AshaRani Mathur, ably supplements the pictures to give the reader glimpses of Sikkim, its history, its life and people.

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