Photographs : Rajesh Bedi
Text :

Swamy Satyamitranandaji and
Ramesh Bedi

Format : 350 x 250 mm
Pages : 176
Illustrations : 100 colour
Binding : Hard Case with Jacket
ISBN : 81-7107-021-3
Rights available : All except French
Co-publishers : Ablin Michael in French

For thousands of years, the Sadhus—the ascetic holy men of the Hindu religion—have played their role in society, and yet remained aloof from it. Sadhus form a culture of their own. But the world of the Hindu ascetic is a closed one, impenetrable to the outsider. For the first time, this world is presented in a book.

Rajesh Bedi has had to photograph for several years to assemble this powerful and impressive pictorial collection. The book brings to life the secret world of the Sadhu—their initiation rites, the markings of the different sects, the complex symbology of colours, their methods of ascetic penance. Bedi also captures moments from the Kumbh Mela, one of the most gigantic religious festivals known to mankind.

The text offers an insiders’s interpretation of the impulse and life of the Sadhu. Written with depth and insight, it is a lucid yet profound account of the tradition and the continuing importance of the Sadhus.

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