Photographs : Rajesh Bedi
Text : Ramesh Bedi
Format : 245 x 270 mm
Pages : 112
Illustrations : 80 colour
Binding : Hard Case with Jacket
ISBN : 81-7107-001-9
Rights available : All except Russian

The weather-scarred moonscape of Ladakh leaves an indelible impression on all those who visit it. Equally memorable are the sturdy colourful people, and their many monuments to their faith: the monasteries, the chortens, the stone walls and prayer flags. Situated amidst high mountains, Ladakh lay on the southern spur of the great Silk Route from Central Asia, but the influences in most of Ladakh were dominantly Tibetan.

Rajesh Bediís stunning photography vividly captures many aspects of this enchanting and mysterious area ó the faces, the costumes, the homes, the monasteries, and above all, the haunting magic of its landscape.

Ramesh Bediís text is a lucidly written and deeply understanding interpretation of the history, culture and present-day life of Ladakh.

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