Indian Wild Life
Photographs : Rajesh Bedi
Text : Ramesh Bedi
Format : 290 x 220 mm
Pages : 312
Illustrations : over 250 colour
Binding : Hard Case with Jacket
ISBN : 81-7107-000-0
Rights available : All except Russian

Because of its unique geographical location and divergent climatic conditions, India has a huge variety of wildlife ó in fact, the second largest diversity of life forms found in any single country of the world.

It is this richness of varied and fascinating fauna that is explored in the book. The author and photographer have spent many years in the snow ranges, the valleys, the deserts and jungles of India to gather a wealth of material, including several thousand photographs. From this, they have culled out a definitive and detailed account of the lifestyle and behavioural pattern of a large variety of animals and birds. Rare pictures show the hatching of a King Cobra, the birth of a baby gharial and a combat between a camel and lions.

Rajesh Bediís internationally acclaimed photographs and Ramesh Bediís erudite text are supplemented by an index and reference guides with maps.

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