Photographs : M. K. Ranjitsinh
Text : M. K. Ranjitsinh
Format : 220 x 295 mm
Pages : 208
Illustrations : 110 colour
Binding : Hard Bound with Jacket
ISBN : 81-7107-036-1
Rights available : All Languages

There are but few books on the wildlife of India. Encompassing perhaps the most diverse, splendid and threatened species of fauna and flora in the world, there is an urgent need to garner much greater support for their conservation by providing information and inculcating interest amongst the laymen, as well as referral material for the specialist. No book on Indian wildlife can ignore the tiger. Yet so many books do not go beyond the tiger. This does not quite happen with the lion in Africa, the brown bear in North America nor the jaguar in South America and is in fact a great injustice to the magnificent panorama of species found in southern Asia.

This work is an attempt to fulfil the need of a book on some of the major faunal species and families of India.

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