India Wild Wonders
Photographs : Rajesh Bedi
Text : Naresh Bedi
Format : 255 x 355 mm
Pages : 144
Illustrations : 90
Material : 179 gsm, matt art
Binding : Hard Case with Jacket
ISBN : 90-75082-01-0
Rights available : All except Dutch, French, Italian, German, English
Co-publishers : French : Flammarion;
Italian :
Dutch :
English :

India’s wild wonders captures the essence of the life and work of two India’s most celebrated wildlife photographers. It is an anthology that offers a priceless selection of pictures taken over twenty-two years by Rajesh Bedi, accompanied by a first-hand account of life in India’s many-splendoured forests by his brother Naresh Bedi, who has an international reputation as India’s leading wildlife film maker.

This book reflects a lifetime’s study of animals, birds and reptiles in their natural habitat. It offers rare glimpses of animal behaviour and records the life-cycle of several animals for the very first time. The hatching of gharial (long snouted crocodile) eggs on the sandy banks of Chambal River, in the bandit-infested ravines of central India, the rearing of the young by the elusive, rarely-seen whistling wild dogs; an overly dependant six-month of tiger cub suckling at his mother’s teats with her newly born cubs; a tigeress eating the flesh of a panther that it killed in ferocious encounter; these are some of the many extraordinary photographs that make ‘India’s Wild Wonders’ a unique volume.

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