Photographs : Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi
Format : 220 x 290 mm
Pages : 108
Illustrations : 40 colour
Binding : Hard Bound with Jacket
ISBN : 81-7107-033-7
Rights available : All Languages

Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi, a scholar of eminence truly and deeply involved in the Vedic philosophy, respecting our age-old Rishis and Munis. His concept of religion is clear and is not dogmatised by the unexplained myths in Hinduism. Thus, his ideas incorporated in this book may find new chapters combining rightfulness of religion to science, logically explaining in simple terms the complexities of Hinduism without hampering its depth. One would surely appreciate that with the modern discoveries by scientists, so called legends in Hindu concept are becoming a reality proving that Hinduism was not only a religion but much more versatile in concept and a way of life. The true Hindu does not discard and faith but respects it as much as he respects his own, the real and practical meaning of secularism which can only be achieved by understanding religion and not ignoring it.

Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi had countless opportunities to discuss these ideas with eminent people in the religious world. His audiences were even the heads of other States and many Prime Ministers speak of his genuine efforts in promoting the novel concept of presenting to the modern world the reality of religion, which is, for oneness and for peaceful coexistence backed by scientific explanations, perfectly maintaining the sanctity of Hinduism or any other religion of the world.

Dr. Modi is the Executive President of the World Buddhist Cultural Foundation and holds responsible positions in many other religious, social, educational, commercial and scientific institutions and organisations of the world.

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