Photographs : Jean-Louis Nou
Text : Amina Okada
Format : 220 x 310 mm
Pages : 216
Illustrations : 180 colour
Binding : Hard Bound with Jacket
ISBN : 81-7107-034-5
Rights available : English
French : Impremerie International, Paris

The Ajanta Caves, with their compelling architecture, their outstanding high-reliefs and sculptures, the remarkable richness and variety of the canopies and profusion of the shafts of their carved columns, are universally admired for the beauty of their paintings.

These paintings, which decorate the walls, the columns, the door frames, the ceilings, illustrate, in a very detailed and precise fashion, about thirty Avadana, or Jataka extracted from the vast body of tales, poems and ballads, sanctified and edifying tales attributed to the Buddha who, it is said, narrated them to his disciples. These tales relate the history of the various incarnations of the Blessed One.

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